The latest anti-cheat for PUBG Mobile attempts to permanently prevent those terrible hackers

We have some happy news if you’re tired of playing PUBG Mobile and getting shot through walls. A new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat program seeks to improve the game for all players while attempting to stop an unending flood of hackers.

Tencent has chosen to combat cheaters after years in which wall hacking dominated the mobile battle royale game. Fog of War, the system’s new anti-cheat for PUBG Mobile, is already in use. Hopefully, this will improve the fun factor of games.

By significantly lowering the amount of information given to other players, Fog of War aids in limiting cheats. This implies that gamers that use aimbots or X-Ray glitches don’t genuinely know where you and other players are.

Anti-cheat software has allegedly already resulted in a significant drop in hacking. In all locations, cheating has decreased by about 50%, claims Tencent. Additionally, cheating has decreased by as much as 62% in some areas.

A brand-new anti-cheat for battle royale games is called Fog of War. The new anti-cheat mechanism for PUBG Mobile is efficient, but it’s not fully failsafe. Furthermore, there is a potential that it might be evaded in the future.

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