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Nokia Venom Equipped with 64MP Camera Unveiled

Nokia enthusiasts, a rare breed in today’s world of Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, and other prominent brands, eagerly await a Nokia Mobile smartphone that resembles a flagship device. A rebirth that embraces the core values that once positioned Nokia at the pinnacle of the smartphone market. However, the world can be harsh, and all that appears to be forthcoming is an increase in the megapixels of the main camera sensor. Hikari Calyx unveiled a...

Nokia Lumia 830 will be released internationally this week

Nokia Lumia 830 is getting launched internationally

Microsoft brought a few very decent devices at IFA this year. One of them was the Nokia Lumia 830. The smartphone is packed with a 5-inch glass, 720p resolution. It sports a slick body available in different colors of the shells, including orange, white, black and green. The Lumia 830 is called by Microsoft the thinnest smartphone with OIS of the camera. The panel of the handset measures 139.4 x 70.7 x 8.5 mm and 150 grams weight. The new...