No sapphire glass for iPhone, and this is why

No sapphire glass for the iPhone line for now

Have you heard the expression “Where there is smoke, there is fire?” It relates very well to all the gossips, rumors and speculations in the mobile world. In most of the cases the gossips delivered by the restless rumor mill turn out to be true. However there are cases when the shared rumors are completely opposite of the truth. This is what happened with the speculations that Apple is releasing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with sapphire glass. Everyone who is following the latest happening on the mobile arena has heard the rumors that the upcoming flagships are outfitted with the scratch-resistant sapphire.

Probably no one remembers how this rumor begun but many of us believed it is true. Perhaps one of the reasons why the speculations for the sapphire glass were widely shared and discussed until the company announced the devices is because Apple chose this material for the first smartwatch – Apple Watch. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not equipped with sapphire glasses and as it turns out, the company was not working on providing this feature for the flagships. Sources from Apple have revealed for Tim Bajarin working in Times that the sapphire glass was “never targeted for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.” What is even more interesting – the company has not decided anything about the possibility to integrate the sapphire displays in the successors of iPhone 6 coming next year. Some of the reasons why Apple has not embraced this idea yet are:

  • the sapphire glass makes the devices thicker and bulkier
  • it requires 100 times more energy for the manufacturing process
  • the price of the iPhone equipped with sapphire glass would be with at least $100 higher
  • it makes the device less power-efficient
  • it tends to break easier when it drops down

The main advantage of the sapphire is its scratch-resistant capabilities. Apple has not given up the idea of using the material. In fact the TouchID and the display of the Apple Watch are made of the scratch-resistant sapphire. Recently Apple has filed patents related to this material. We will wait and see.

Source: Time via AppleInsider

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