Samsung may decide to eliminate all physical buttons from its Galaxy S series devices

Recently, the design of smartphones has gotten a little stale. The current cookie-cutter type design—a candy bar slab of glass and metal with a selfie camera cutout—is getting older and more boring, which is why the Nothing Phone attracted so much attention when it was introduced.

There isn’t much room for a more contemporary high-tech design, though, unless the screen is edge-to-edge (perhaps with the addition of a capable under-display selfie camera).

Samsung is purportedly getting ready to eliminate a crucial feature that has come to characterize contemporary smartphones. Unconfirmed reports claim that the Korean tech giant is developing a Galaxy S phone without any physical buttons at all.

The information was first shared in a tweet, and Sammobile later wrote a specific article about it. The buttonless Samsung Galaxy smartphone may be released as early as 2025, according to the source.

The Samsung Galaxy S25 family of smartphones may be the first to only use touchscreen input. The smartphone could also have a more streamlined, slimmer appearance without volume controls and a power button.

However, there are some practical problems with this design. How, for instance, would the device be powered on? Additionally, how would the device be switched off or reset in the case it freezes?

There was a significant reaction from many consumers when Apple chose to eliminate the dedicated Escape key from its MacBooks following the release of the TouchBar. Apple finally gave in and brought back the physical Escape key. Sometimes, buttons are just necessary.

Source: Phonearena

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