The new flagships of Apple, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pass through drop test

Drop test of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple recently released the much anticipated iPhone 6 and its larger sibling and first phablet of the company – the iPhone 6 Plus. The models are up-for-sales which means that they are already testing the love of the audience. While it will take awhile until we can make the conclusion whether users appreciate the larger iPhones and the new iOS 8 running on them, we already know how the flagships perform in the classic drop test.

The fellows from PhoneBuff shared a video presenting how both new smartphones survive three drops on the side walk – on the rare panels, on the side and on the face panels. Watch the experiment on the video below. The results after the first drop – on the back side, show that both models survive with barely any damage in the form of scratches. This means that if you are a proud owner of any of the new additions of the iPhone line and it happens to drop in the floor on its back, it has the full chances to survive and keep working properly. Well, just in case, don’t do this drop test experiment except in case that you are ready to risk the hundreds of dollars spent on the device.

The second test is a side drop. The smaller phone iPhone 6 suffered scuffs on its premium panel. The phablet however took heavily the hit with the sidewalk. The clash resulted in shattered screen and the display was coming apart. It was still well-functioning though even if it looked smashed after the second stage of the drop test.

The final part of the experiment put the phones through the challenge of face-drop. The glasses of both devices were heavily damaged after the drop test. They were still functioning. This means that Apple is delivering very durable displays but needs to work more on the glass for the next flagships. Many users still dream of an iPhone with sapphire glass.

Source: PhoneBuff

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